Kongregate: Video Games Meets YouTube

Kongregate.com is video game maker Jim Greer’s baby and we sort of alerted you to it yesterday with the Understanding Games post. Who could resist dumping money into a start-up when the sales pitch is: “It’s video games meets YouTube.” After a few hours playing around on the site I was pretty hooked. I’m actually playing their most popular game, The Fancy Pants Adventure, right now. The games are made in flash so the turnover rate is very high and not all of the games are hits, but there are some “gems” in the bunch. So why is it being labeled the YouTube of video games? Simply because all games are submitted by users and everyone has access to them. Give it a whirl, you’ll lose a few hours of productivity, but you won’t realize it. Sprout is fairly amusing as well.

Kongregate [via Reuters]