Linksys Wireless Adapter/Finder: It's a Candy Mint And a Breath Mint

Know what sucks? When you have a really cool idea, like, something that you invent in your head, you get really excited about it, as it’s totally something that fulfills a need. You come up with a product, say a combination of two things into one, and realize you could make a million dollars on it, only to discover that someone else has beaten you to market.

This is how I felt when I discovered the Linksys WiFi Finder-Adapter. Those of us with older laptops or broken WiFi radios rely on USB-style dongles like this one for our wireless needs. And many of us also carry around small WiFi finders. This little USB stick is both in one. That’s it, it’s a finder and adapter, two great tastes that taste great together, and make me wish I had filed for the patent. Way to go, Linksys. You bastards.

Now if they rip off my stripper-tip-calculator/cellphone voice disguiser, I’ll be really upset.

Linksys WiFi Finder-Adapter – seek the source Luke [Red Ferret]