Patent Monkey: Using PS3 Controller as Extension for Cell Phone?

Can’t get to your cell phone when playing College Hoops 2K7? This new feature would allow you to use your game controller, PS3 and flat panel TV to see who’s calling and answer it.

Sony Ericsson recently received a patent covering the process of wirelessly transferring content or cell phone calls to and controlling them using a remote control or PS3 controller.

The core invention describes the use of a remote control that can be used as an extension of your cell phone. As an example, “caller ID data can be displayed on a television before the user decides to answer a call. Or, upon answering a call, the RCD can route the audio to be played by speakers coupled with a television or stereo system. If the incoming signal is a data signal comprised of text, audio, and/or video, the RCD can seize control of the television in order to “play” the message. If the television happens to be equipped with a digital video recording (DVR) device, the RCD can automatically cause the source signal into the television to be paused so that the user can resume viewing without having missed anything once the RCD/mobile communication is complete.”

Additionally, the invention is intended to include a remote control that is connected to a number of periphery devices, including gaming systems, as a means of connecting to the monitor. The invention adds the concept of allowing content to be transferred to the device adds the cell phone as another means for tapping into the widening mobile peer networks (like peer messaging system SwarmTeams”).

Will convergence will lead to gaming system phones that you take with you and game with when you’re there? Nokia has shown some promise in this direction.