Ricavision Vista SideShow Remote Control: Explore Vista's Majesty From The Couch

One of the many wows of Windows Vista is SideShow, a technology that outputs information like e-mail onto screens other than a PC monitor. Using SideShow, this Ricavision Bluetooth remote control lets you navigate through your Vista PC’s media library, schedule TV recordings and read your e-mail without so much as leaving the couch (so long as you’re within 328 feet of the PC). The remote’s 2.5-inch QVGA LCD is large enough to display all of that info without straining your eyesight; who wouldn’t want to control the music without having to deal with a clunky mouse and keyboard?

Sure, such a fancy remote costs $200, but think of how jealous the neighbors will be when they see that, not only does your remote have a screen but that it can interact with your Vista PC. I imagine all they’ll be able to say is “wow.”

Product Page [Ricavision via I4U News]