Adobe CS3 Pricing, Availability Leaked: April 20 and July 1, PhotoShop is $649

Adobe will host a lavish New York City event tomorrow to announce that they’re announcing the pricing and availability of Adobe CS3, which includes a version of PhotoShop that natively runs on Intel-based Macs. (If you haven’t had the pleasure of using PhotoShop on an Intel Mac consider yourself lucky.) Too bad Amazon just leaked all of the pertinent info. The top of the line packages—Creative Suite CS3 Master Collection, which seemingly includes everything Adobe has ever released—will retail for a cool $2,499; plain jane PhotoShop CS3 will retail for $649. Depending on what suite you’re waiting for, look for either a April 20 or July 1 ship date.

More, official details are just a day away.

Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3) Pricing and Upgrades [Mac Rumors]