UPS Launches Delivery Intercept Service

As far as my experiences with UPS go, they have to be one of the worst shipping companies ever. But with this new “Delivery Intercept” service, I may be willing to give them another shot. The service allows you to take control over an already-shipped package by allowing you, the recipient of the package, to either return the parcel to the sender, deliver to another address, reroute the package, reschedule delivery, or hold the package at a UPS near you.

You can request individual packages be rerouted or held out of an entire shipment via the My UPS interface on the web. This is an extremely convenient service that is sure to give a boost to UPS’ customer base and will most likely sway some people to the brown side, despite a small fee that is added to completed intercepts. I’d love to be able to just have a new item I ordered held at a UPS center for immediate pickup, even if there’s a small price to pay.

Official Site [UPS via WSJ]