Coghead Raises $8 Million

cogheadlogo.jpgSilicon Valley based Coghead is announcing an $8 million Series B round of financing this afternoon, adding to the $3.2 million raised previously from El Dorado Ventures in March 2006. New investors American Capital and SAP Ventures invested in this round, and El Dorado participated as well.

We covered Coghead on its launch in October 2005. We have previously reviewed a number of apps in this space (sometimes referred to as the ‘online access’ space, a reference to Microsoft Access) including Dabble DB, Zoho Creator and WyaWorks. Also see our related post, Five Ways to Mix, Rip, and Mash Your Data. The premise of these web applications is that they allow non-programmers to easily build record-driven web-based applications.

The primary use of these products is to create business applications that deal with everything from task tracking through to purchase orders. What is special about CogHead is that users building applications with the product require less technical skills because the process is all drag-and-drop and visual.