Microsoft Buys Netflix

…founder Reed Hastings a lunch at the local bistro, surely to welcome him on to Microsoft’s board. That’s right, Mr. Hastings has now joined Microsoft as an official board-member, most likely to bring the two companies closer together. With Netflix’s VOD service and Microsoft delving deeper into video-based services, the two could really get the fire started.

Remember back at CES, I talked extensively about Windows Home Server? This piece of hardware, coupled with Netflix’s video capabilities would allow Netflix and/or Microsoft to unleash the ultimate VOD box to a market desperately in need of one. Apple TV is a start, but the content that Netflix has available triumphs over all. We’ll have to wait and see what happens between Gates and Hastings, but for now I’m going to predict that they both had the lump crab salad with a Pellegrino for lunch at that bistro.

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