myMobileMedia Lets You Stream DRM-Protected Tunes

DRM blows and we all know it, but at least someone is doing something about it instead of whining. (Not us, though; we still prefer whining over action.) CMWare has introduced a service that allows you to stream your DRM-protected music from a PC to an MP3-enabled phone, but myMobileMedia does a few other cool things.

The technology will stream all your music files, including iTunes purchased files, without violating any DRM rules. The songs that are streamed to your phone are identified by the file extension. So how does it work with iTunes purchased music? When an iTunes purchased song is played myMobileMedia remotely starts up iTunes on your PC and the song gets transcoded to MP3 or AAC+ without ever being copied to your phone.

What makes the service even better is the fact that you can stream videos and photos to handsets that use a Java or Symbian-based OS. But the good times don’t stop there because myMobileMedia is constantly analyzing your network connection and tweaking the stream so your content flows smoothly.

This much needed service will hit the US this summer with free and premium services, but no word on price, yet.

myMobileMedia [via]