Nintendo Fights Back Against Modchips

Nintendo is fighting back against Modchip manufacturers and modders with an altered circuit layout on the newest shipment of Wii’s. The move isn’t all that surprising, but Taiwanese retail channels are saying revised modchips could be available within a month.

If you recently purchased a Wii and you have plans to mod it then I’d think twice. Because of the new altered circuit layout the existing modchips could easily damage your Wii and leave you weeping and $250 plus in the hole. And few things are worse than a damaged Wii.

Taiwanese modchip manufacturers even had some advice for Nintendo and how to deter future modders. The adoption of Ball Grid Array IC packaging could extend the time needed by hackers to mod the new consoles by four months. Isn’t that nice!?

Nintendo attempts to block Wii modchips in newest console revision [Digi Times]