SanDisk 4GB M2 Card Aimed At Mobile Phone Users

I’m not the type to use my mobile phone for media purposes because the software programs just suck. I’ve never used the MP3 player on my SK3 and my Nokia 5300 hasn’t even seen the light of day. The lack of memory is the main reason why I don’t use such features, but the SanDisk 4GB Memory Stick Micro line just might change my tune.

While it’s geared towards the Sony Ericsson Cyber-shot and Walkman lines it will work for any handset with an M2 slot. It’s also backwards compatible with all digi’s and hand-held game players with a Memory Stick slot. The 4GB M2 card won’t hit retailers until later this year and pricing is currently unavailable, but it will ship to OEMs in May.

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