Sony Ericsson HSDPA Mobile To Hit US Shores

Sony Ericsson’s first HSDPA-enabled phone is set to hit our shores Q3. The Z750 clamshell will also be SE’s first mobile phone to feature the next-generation Java umbrella standard, Mobile Services Architecture. The new Java platform will support instant messaging, all facets of mobile banking, which leads me to believe that AT&T will be the carrier of choice. Who cares about all that stuff, though, what about the other features?

The glossy clamshell has a great looking external display that tells you whose calling, what time it is and all the regular features most external displays have. A few other touches include a 2-megapixel camera, FM radio, media, 3D games, RSS reader, and support for Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and email (POP and IMAP). No word on carrier (again, we’re guessing it’s the new AT&T) or price, but it will be available in Phantom Grey and Rose Pink.

Press Release [via BGR]