Sony Shows Europe Some Love, But Not The US

It’s no surprise Sony keeps all the good stuff in Japan, but how can Sony <3 Europe more than the US? Maybe our hatred for the PS3 has upset our Japanese overlords because we won’t see the GIGA JUKE bookshelf speaker set. Bummer.

The ultra sleek stereo includes an 80GB hard drive and an LCD interface for controlling and accessing ATRAC, MP3 or linear PCM audio on said hard drive. The GIGA JUKE is super intelligent, too, because it automatically applies track titles to songs that it doesn’t recognize and auto-generates playlists based on tempo, genre or artist.

The UK version of the NAS-50HDE, pictured above, is comprised of two 85-watt satellites and a DAB digital radio. A stand-alone deck, NAC-HD1E, pictured below will also be available with a ramped up 250GB HDD. The all-in-one drops in Europe mid-May and the stand-alone will be launched in June. Maybe we’ll see them…maybe.

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