Xbox 360 Elite Not So Elite: Doesn't Have HDMI 1.3, PCM Audio, Does Not Cure Impotence

The hype surrounding the Xbox 360 Elite is starting to wane, which means it’s time for the fanbois to complain about what they don’t like about it. The qualms thus far: lack of HDMI 1.3 support and the lack of a built-in HD DVD drive minimize the meaning of the word “Elite.”

The absence of HDMI 1.3 means that Dolby’s super mega high def audio format TrueHD is nowhere to be found. This PCM audio format, which is lossless, is present on certain big money HD DVD titles, such as V for Vendetta and Batman Begins. Microsoft, we’re trying to like you. Omissions like this don’t make it easy. Neither does that fact, when using the HDMI connection, the video signal will always be in 1080p. Poor working stiffs like me (or early HDTV adopters) only have 720p/1080i capable monitors. Rather than just letting us be happy with 720p, we’ll be dealing with downscaled 1080p for the rest of our days. And…

Finally, HD DVD. Microsoft said that it didn’t include an HD DVD player because the format’s not proven yet. (In fact, if it looks like if Blu-ray ends up being the winner, Microsoft may be willing to hop on that bandwagon if need be, a top suit suggested.) Yeah, well, if you’re gonna call your system “Elite” it better be packed to the gills with superfluous technology.

Me? I’ll just be plugging along with my DS, thank you very much.

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