Analyst Predicts Blackberry Launches On Sprint, T-Mobile

Merrill Lynch is up to it again with those crazy predictions. Well, maybe this isn’t so crazy, but it’s still noteworthy. Rumor is that come May 7th, Sprint will be getting the Blackberry Pearl and T-Mobile will be getting the 8300. The reasoning behind this speculation? RIM will be reporting its Q1 earnings come April 11th and the May 7th launch date also happens to be RIM’s Capital Markets Day.

What does it all mean? It means if you’ve been hankering for a full-QWERTY Blackberry with WiFi on T-Mobile, your prayers have been answered. I suppose it’s cool that Sprint customers are finally getting the Pearl, but it’s so last year.

BlackBerry 8300 to T-Mobile & Verizon/Sprint BlackBerry Pearl to Launch May 7th? [BGR]