Create Your Own MVNO With Sonopia

This idea may seem a bit bold at first, but with the right execution, it could end up being a smash hit. Sonopia has purchased minutes and service from Verizon and will now let you create a personalized MVNO. No need to deal with companies like Sprint or Helio anymore — now you’re the boss. You can build plans, add services, and have friends, groups, or whoever you want join in. Everything is controllable through a pretty-decent looking web interface, which is key in making this work if Sonopia has any kind of fighting chance against the big guys.

I could see this being used for lots of community-based groups. High school football teams (Cougars Mobile anyone?), groups of senior citizens who just need a phone for emergency calls, or maybe a collective of gamers would be able to create their own service, up the price a bit, and make a profit to benefit their cause. Anyone game for CrunchGear Wireless?

Official Site [via PhoneScoop]