Five Ways Best Buy Ruined Geek Squad

Over at The Consumerist, a former Geek Squad employee has written in with a detailed explanation on why Geek Squad, well, sucks. After working at an Arizona-based location for nearly two years, this geek quit in hope of finding a less-stressful job. The reasons behind Geek Squad’s suckage include hiring practices that don’t go for brains but personality, a lack of staff available to work on computers, and a hatred for the insanely overpriced services by both customers and employees.

The worst part? Being told to “Sell, sell, sell!” by Best Buy. This is where the corrupt part of Geek Squad comes in -like when you take your computer in for a backup and they “discover” 50 other things wrong with it and bill you $500 for repairs. Deceptive as hell. How a guy did all that for two whole years is beyond me, but I give him props for lasting as long as he did. Geek Squad has always been a hellish place for me. Now he’s just confirmed that it’s Satan incarnate.

INSIDER SECRETS: 5 Ways Best Buy Ruined Geek Squad [Consumerist]