MyCybertwin Software: Create an Online Version of Yourself To Annoy Your Friends, Family

An Australian company just released software that acts as your online doppelganger. Called MyCybertwin, the software serves as a go-between between friends, customers, well wishers, etc. and your online personality. In other words, it’s a programmable avatar (God, that word bothers me so) that people can interact with. For example, you may be AFK, but your cybertwin is always online. So your friends ping the cybertwin, “Dude, when are we supposed to come over tonight?” Depending on how you programmed the software, the cybertwin will respond in ways like, “Never, drop dead” or “Whenever you want, pal.”

The bot has five different basic personalities and its (read: your) personality is further fleshed out by feeding it different information. (“Do you believe in affirmative action?” for example.) Kinda strange, this. It’s bad enough that I spend all day online as it is, but I don’t know if I want a virtual me (but not Mii) representing my estate when I die.

Please Meet My Evil Online Clone [TechCrunch]