PCs Ready Not So Vista Ready: Call the Lawyers!

Dianne Kelley is sick of fake Vista stickers. She goes into a store, buys a computer, and finds it can’t run Microsoft Vista’s fancy Aero interface. What’s a poor woman to do? Sue! In a proposed class action lawsuit, Kelley is suing to protest the practice of putting Vista-Ready on anything and everything with a keyboard and mouse when we all know damn well that a Dell with 256MB and greenscreen monitor won’t show Vista’s signature task switching thingy.

Because we here at CG are Microsoft shills, it’s hard for us to badmouth the mother ship but this was our complaint from the start. All these ridiculous versions — Basic, Ultimate, Penultimate, Super Duper — just frustrate the bored and litigious. Make everything Ultimate, make everyone buy a new PC, and suck up the loss in low-end sales.

Microsoft sued over Windows Vista marketing [Seattle PI]