Please Meet My Evil Online Clone

People can spend most of their time online, but it is very difficult to spend all of it there. Sometimes people have to work, go to school, or eat. Or sleep. And who will be there to chat with everyone while you are away? Until now there was no answer for this difficult problem. Now, there is MyCyberTwin.

The company, which is based in Australia, creates an online “clone” of users based on a 79 question personality quiz and hundreds of additional training questions. Once it’s complete, a chat bot is created for that user, which has it’s own web page, can be embedded into MySpace or another website, or can log into Microsoft Messenger on your behalf and pretend to be you. The Michael Arrington clone, which is about 10% trained, is here (and also embedded below). I’ve taught it to be as aggressively anti-social as possible.

MyCyberTwin founders Liesl Capper and John Zakos think the service will appeal to social networks and dating sites that are looking for user features that create more content and a stickier site. The company also has it’s own social network, offering to put compatible users in touch with each other.