Steve Jobs Says Not To Expect DRM-free Video

Everyone except for this guy applauded Apple and EMI’s agreement to sell DRM-free music on the iTunes store. Enjoy it, but don’t expect to see DRM-free video any time soon. There’s two reasons why this is the case: 1) Apple doesn’t have as much clout in the movie industry as it does in the music industry and 2) people have more of an expectation of movies coming with DRM (Macrovision and CSS) than they do with music (CDs can usually be ripped with no problems). With no clout to goad movie studios into selling DRM-free videos, there’s little chance that the industry will even bother. To the other point, people are “used to” dealing with DRM’d video, so there’s no real movement to remove the DRM.

I can think of a way or two to get DRM-free video. But it’s a secret.

Apple CEO touts DRM-free music, not video [MacNN]