Vonage Stays Afloat With New Deal

After rumors of Vonage folding and Verizon’s infamous patent infringement case, things just weren’t looking good for the popular VoIP provider. But now, thanks to a new two-year deal with VoIP Inc., Vonage can now stay alive and win back some customers. The deal between Vonage and VoIP Inc. will allow Vonage to basically outsource calls placed by customers. This way, Vonage can avoid dealing with Verizon’s patents and can use VoIP Inc’s VOICEONE network freely.

After all this though, I don’t know if I’d exactly be rushing out to sign up with Vonage. Those looking into VoIP may like what they see with Vonage, but should definitely shop around before signing anything.

Vonage hangs up on Verizon patent infringement with new agreement [Ars Technica]