Microsoft to Abolish DRM, Offer PlaysForDamnSure Program to OEMs for $25 per Unit, Sell Zunes in Red, Orange, Pink

zune_pink_vert_450×600.jpgSorry. That headline is misleading, as was the CNET headline we sourced this from. Only the red, orange, and pink news has any legs.

No, Microsoft is not really planning to abolish DRM. Essentially, this is just Zune’s Jason Reindorp musing on the possibility of considering the idea of getting rid of all DRM on the Zune, as if it were Microsoft’s decision. In reality, Microsoft is going to have to follow Apple on this one as music publishers fall under the iPod’s siren song. Mark my words — EMI dropping DRM will pump their sales immensely. They have a great back catalog of famous folks and the audiophile boomers are going to love the improved audio and DRM-free tunes.

What is Reindorp really excited about? The Zune in pink, orange, and red. Wow.

Microsoft sees DRM-free music in Zune’s future []