Panasonic Upgrades Its Video Cams To HD

Panasonic knows people love high def (especially when viewed on its own HDTVs), so it’s upgraded the old HDC-SD1 and DX1 video cameras to the high def resolution of 1920 x 1080. Reborn as the HDC-SD3 and the HDC-DX3, these video cameras record onto SD cards and DVDs (ugh, I thought discs were dying) rather than a hard drive. The DX3, the fancier of the two, can fit 90 minutes of high def video onto a 4GB SD card, which isn’t bad at all.

Because it’s based in Japan, Panasonic will release the upgraded video cameras there first later this month. You might as well take a wild guess as to when (or if) they’ll come out here.

Press Release [Panasonic via infoSync World]