A Thanks To Our Network

We’d like to take a post to thank our readers and sponsors for supporting TechCrunch.

We currently have six great sponsors. Here’s a bit on what’s happening with each:

Plazes – Plazes tracks your physical location and shows you other Plazes users and places nearby. Plazes also integrates with Skype, has a widget to place on websites that shows your current location and other information, and a SMS service to find out the current location of your Plazes friends.

MIX 07 – Microsoft is hitting up Sin City at the end of April for a conference covering the latest technologies, business methods, and development strategies. The conference will also feature keynote speeches from the likes of Microsoft’s Ray Ozzie, Robert Bach, and Scott Guthrie.

Conduit – Conduit lets people build browser toolbars tailored to your community. The TechCrunch toolbar, available here, consists of a search box, full RSS feeds, latest podcast, email notifier, peer to peer messenger, and gadgets. 130,000+ publishers have used toolbars to double their traffic.

Auction Ads – Auction Ads allows you to monetize your website by displaying live eBay auctions next to your related content. The ads come in different sizes and feature a picture of the item and a link to its auction.

Edgeio – Classified listings are hidden all over the web, Edgeio brings them all together. They’re also just launched Edgeio Marketplaces, a killer way to monetize listings on your site. They have 100+ million items, from 16,258 cities, in 162 countries you can search by category and geography. Check out these “Web 2.0” jobs from all over the world.

Zoho – Zoho has been turning out a long list of quality web apps over the past year. Use Zoho for your own document editing, spreadsheets, planning, and presentations, or for their collaborative wikis, notebooks, and project management. They recently released a new meeting application.

We also recommend that you consider attending the Future of Online Advertisingconference happening out in New York June 7th and 8th. The conference features speakers such as Digg’s Jay Adelson, Brightcove’s Jeremy Allaire, Federated Media’s Chas Edwards, Feedburner’s Steve Olechowski, Micropersuasion’s Steve Rubel, RightMedia’s Michael Walrath. The full list is here. The schedule also includes a ton of case studies about advertising, covering salient topics for advertisers such as ad networks, search ads, video ads, and click fraud prevention.