Intel Debuts Centrino Pro

Today Intel announced its new Centrino Pro processor that utilizes the same vPro technology used on desktops. Aimed at the IT and business sector of computing, these new processors allow users to manage data wirelessly via WiFi without compromising security. Intel will be using draft-802.11n so that companies can take advantage of the increased wireless speeds. Says Intel:

“A new wireless component, Intel Next-Gen Wireless-N will give users more freedom to do more, farther away from their access points with support for the draft 802.11n specification delivering up to five times the performance and twice the wireless range. Users will also enjoy improved graphics performance and support for Microsoft Windows Vista’s latest graphic interface Aero. In addition, the optional Intel Turbo Memory means users can experience up to two times faster performance when loading frequently-used applications, and up to a 20 percent faster boot time,”

Essentially, the goal is to allow seamless connectivity between co-workers without having them ever having to leave their location. Expect to see these processors appearing in notebooks around Q2 of this year when the Intel pushes out “Santa Rosa”, the next version of Core 2 Duo CPUs based on Centrino technology.

Press Release [Intel via Engadget]