Mobiode: Surveys Tailored for Mobile

Now that people are finally accessing mobile content on their phones, it’s good that someone is putting metrics in place to judge how good that content is. Mobiode by Wirenode is a survey tool for mobile phones. Using the built-in WAP or WHML browsers on today’s handsets, site operators can ask user’s opinions on any range of topics, and get the results fast. In theory, it’s not much different than Web surveys that have been around for more than a decade, but in practice, it’s really cool.

By adding a “sniffer” that determines which phone a person accessing the survey is using, the server can feed pages to the user that are optimized for their phone’s particular browser, in WAP, HTML, WHML, or whatever else will be the fastest and most reliable method. This means that one of the biggest hurdles of mobile Web browsing, compatibility, is no longer in the equation.

The service is fully hosted, meaning it’s easy for non-technical people to integrate into their existing site. In addition, the surveys generated are fully brandable, meaning most users won’t even know they’ve left a customer’s site. Neat.

While it’s being used mostly for customer-satisfaction surveys right now, it’s possible to make any type of questionnaire. We find that this would make a great quizzing app, and might even be useful for census-type uses.

Product Site [Mobiode]