Stream Surround Sound Music With Sony's TDM-NC1 Cube


Sony sure does smell a potential market with this wireless media streaming stuff. (Don’t want to be late to the party this time, right Sony?) This odd looking fellow is the Digital Media Port Wi-Fi Client, or the TDM-NC1. Like the similarly styled iPod dock before it, this $200 cube, which should hit stores in June, integrates into a Bravia-branded home theater setup via the digital media port. Hook your PC up to a wireless network and the cube will catch all the music then pump it through your big rig speakers. It’s even able to handle surround sound.

While it does work with all the popular audio formats—MP3, AAC, WMA (and ATRAC, though I’d hardly call that popular)—it’s not compatible with Macs. That’s OK, though, we’ve got something else we can use.

Product Page [Sony via]