The Mystery of the Multiple Apple TVs


Holmes: Ah, Mr. Watson. Let us take a pipe of opium and discuss this matter, shall we?
Watson: Yes, Dear Mr. Holmes. Let’s.
H: Attention, then, please. We have here the page for the Airport Extreme Base Station. What do you see?
W: An overpriced 802.11n device?
H: You are an ignorant buffoon, Dear Mr. Watson, and your mother was a fishwife. To that end, we return to our examinations. This accessory comes in one type and the wording on the page uses a “single item” page design. Do you understand me so far?

W: Don’t pack that opium too tight, Mr. Holmes.
H: I certainly won’t. And now turn our attention to the Apple TV. The Apple TV uses the “Select an Apple TV” page design used by Apple when they have multiple models. This then suggests?
W: Come on, opium hog. Pass that shizz.
H: Mr. Watson, you’re bogarting.
W: Cough… sorry, Dear Chap. Is that basically the whole story?
H: Yes. Apple is planning multiple Apple TVs.
W: Zounds! I am certainly glad we live in an era without HDTV. I would be pissed if I already bought an Apple TV.
H: Indeed, Mr. Watson. Indeed. Shall we embrace?
W: Dude… we’re all about the post-Victorian innuendo. We can’t overtly explore our love.
H: Word.

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