Wii Are Amused By This Article

Bits Bytes Pixels & Sprites has a pretty decent article on the Nintendo Wii and what needs to be improved upon it. Excellent reasoning is given to each problem the Wii is plagued by. For instance, why does the Wii use Nintendo’s horrible system of friend codes? If I want to add my friend to a buddy list, I should just be able to throw in their user name and be done with it.

Other rants include the complete lack of online games, the problem with games being designed in 4:3 ratio, no downloadable content for games (such as new Smash Bros. characters), and no rechargeable batteries. After all, that Wiimote does seem to blow through batteries pretty quickly. Be sure to check the article out so you can see 10 real issues the Wii needs to get fixed.

Wii Want Improvements [TBBPS]