Leaked 360 Dashboard Updates

Apparently GameSpot posted — and yanked — a video of the 360 Dashboard updates coming May 7. Good stuff includes:

– Releases May 7th.
– Add up to 600 Windows Live Messenger contacts to your Friends List.
– Text chat with up to 6 Live Messenger contacts at once during games or movies.
– The Marketplace will be getting its own Dashboard Blade.
– The Marketplace will be skinned independently of the Dashboard, for special events.
– The Marketplace will be getting a new, easier-to-navigate remake.
– Achievement Pop-ups will now display how many points and which Achievement you have gained.
– Low-power downloading (fans off) and auto-off after finishing queued downloads.
– View partially downloaded video files.

http://news.mygamercard.net/2007/04/06/xbox-360-spring-2007-dashboard-update/ [MyGamerCard]