Akimbo Courts PC Users, NHL Fans

Most video-content companies are concentrating on getting their stuff off your computer and onto your TV. Akimbo was already on TVs, however, and is now working on getting that content onto your PC. The company announced today that its Internet video-on-demand service will be available next week in beta release for Windows XP and Vista-based PCs.

Akimbo already made it possible for users to get the content through their Windows XP Media Center PCs, but now any consumer running an XP or Vista OS will have access to thousands of videos for viewing on their PCs.

And if you’re a National Hockey League fan, you’ll be able to view the full Stanley Cup Playoffs, classic games and weekly highlights on demand (though not for 48 hours after the contest concludes).

This (the PC service we mean) is all being made possible through a partnership with Sonic Solutions and its Roxio Venue media management software that will let users select, manage and watch video, even before the download is complete. Later in 2007, the software will allow for burns of Akimbo videos onto recordable DVDs that play on standard DVD players as well as PCs. Also worth noting is that Akimbo is allowing PC users to bypass the monthly Akimbo subscription fee ($9.99 per month) and instead pay per video download.