'Gears of War' Multiplayer Update

. In addition changes to the game’s multiplayer, several other tweaks have been implemented as well:

  • VGA Cable Support: Monitor resolution widths greater than or equal to 1280 now render as letterbox. In particular VGA users running at 1280×1024 will now see the game in full 720p (1280×720) resolution in letterboxed form.
  • Adjusted Assassination Multiplayer Gametype: Leader no longer has to unlock weapons and now has to be executed to die.
  • Adjusted Boomshot: Splash damage to be more effective rendering targets down-but-not-out
  • Adjusted Hammer of Dawn: Aiming will be more forgiving of moving targets
  • Adjusted Roadie Run: Reduced frequency of accidently grabbing cover while running
  • Kill Message Ticker: Ticker can now be seen while down-but-not-out and spectating
  • General: Addressed a number of possible exploits in multiplayer
  • The update will feature a new game mode called Annex. In Annex, players are required to maintain control over key areas of the map. Each map contains various areas to capture, with one area being active at a time. Points are awarded for every second a team controls a particular objective point.

    It will be available at 4 p.m. PST.

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