BlackJack Contender Primed for Market, Adds WiFi, Looks

Those ninjas at UBiQUIo have a new phone that looks to be aimed squarely at the BlackJack from Samsung. The QWERTY-enabled 503G shares not only the form factor of the BlackJack, but also many features, including Windows Mobile, HSDPA, a 320×240 sceen, and 64MB use Bluetooth. What’s better, it’s running the new WinMo 6, to BlackJack’s 5, and includes WiFi and a front-facing conference cam. Nice.

The thing is, we’re not sure where in America we’ll ever see this nice-looking phone. It’s HSDPA, and has video-call capabilities, which means it could go to AT&T. But AT&T has the BJ, it doesn’t need two hot smartphones. T-Mobile is working on its 3G network, which will ostensibly support HSDPA, but we’re still a few months away from light up. The phone is now being sold as unlocked GSM, so those of you who might be anti-Samsung could be interested. But it’s a mystery, and Robert Stack is dead, which means until a carrier deploys the hotness, we’re in the dark.

UBiQUiO 503G Windows Mobile 6 3G Smartphone [MobileWhack]