Guitar Hero Publisher Confirms Upcoming Wii Version?


Is Guitar Hero 3 headed to the Nintendo Wii? It very well may be, if you believe the publisher’s Web site. (And why shouldn’t you?) A posting in the site’s Knowledgebase section says it all: “Guitar Hero 3 for the Playstation 2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii are currently scheduled for release in the United States in Fall of 2007.” Well hot damn, Guitar Hero for the Wii. Rock.

Guitar Hero won’t be the only music game like it on the market for long, what with the game’s original developer (Harmonix) signing a deal with MTV to produce Rock Band. Goodness, it’s like the Monday Night Wars all over again.

When is Guitar Hero 2 (II) Coming? Will there be GH 2 for Wii, PS3, XBox, Xbox 360, etc? [RedOctane via Nintendo Wii Fanboy]