Other World Computing's 160GB 7200 RPM Portable Hard Drive: Fastest One Out There


The fellers over at Other World Computing can now boast about having the world’s fastest, high-capacity portable hard drive, a 160GB palm-sized delight. The $280 Mercury On-The-Go hard drive runs at 7200 RPM and uses either a USB 2.0 or FireWire 800/400 interface. (The 200GB hard drive is only 4200 RPM.) Not only that, but OWC bundles copies of backup software with the hard drive. And let me tell you something, back up your data.

I received a heck of a scare last night when my main hard drive went on the fritz: random lockups, files not opening, etc. All of my pics, thousands of beats and beats possibly lost. I was able to fix it, but that incident taught me once and for all to back up my data. You should too.

OWC Mercury On-The-Go [Other World Computing]