Some Retailers Stop Carrying 20GB PS3


Sony can’t catch a break. Now it looks like the company itself and several retail outlets have stopped selling the 20GB version of the PS3. Sony’s own SonyStyle online store (note: what a terrible name for an online store—SonyStyle! Yuck.) and retailers like EB Games and Best Buy now only offer the more expensive (and more profitable) 60GB PS3. Sony says this is because of high consumer demand for the 60GB version rather than any lack of faith in the 20GB version. (Don’t forget the PS3’s European launch didn’t even offer the 20GB model.) Sure, Sony, I believe you. And rootkits are harmless.

Some retailers—like Amazon—still have a few 20GBs in stock, so get to it if you want one. Otherwise, be prepared to shell out another $100 for the best console ever. (Upside PS3 for editorial effect.)

US retailers drop 20GB PS3 []