The Great Skype Contest of 2007, Day 2

Alright, friends, as of 9AM EST, we’re no longer accepting “SkypeMe” subject lines. Now you’ll have to scour our posts for the next secret subject line. Yesterday’s winner is Dan K. who, to recap, will receive:

One of five SMC WiFi Phone and FON Router kits to give away to our readers.
Inside the box you’ll find:

  • WiFi Phone for Skype WSKP10
  • FON router
  • 500 SkypeOut Minutes
  • 12 months Skype Voicemail
  • Hands-free Kit
  • USB Cable
  • 1200 mAH Li-On Battery
  • Power Adapter
  • CD with User Manual

    So how do you win? It’s luck of the draw, friends, with a little skill. Every day we’ll put a secret subject line in one of our posts and that will be the subject line for your email to us at

    Seriously, if it’s not in the subject line, the filter we have set up won’t get your entry, you dig? We’ll be drawing one a day, every day this week.

    We’ll change the code each day and only accept entries with the current day’s code. These codes will be hidden in posts during the week, so read early and often. Codes will be rendered obsolete at 9AM EST each day. Got it? Good luck and have fun.