Western D Lays Out Media Drives for Media Devices

How much porn are you downloading? Collectively speaking, enough for major hard drive manufacturers like Western Digital to develop drives targeted towards your bad habits. The venerable manufacturer has released a line of Serial ATA drives in capacities from 80 to 500 GB made specifically for DVRs and Media Centers to play back and record tons and tons of digital content.

WD has increased the throughput on the HDDs to the point that they can record up to twelve HDTV streams simultaneously, and do it quietly. These drives make almost no noise, and are designed for 24×7 operation. HDs that run in applicances (your DVR or cable box) don’t stop, they’re horses that work harder than Perez Hilton’s white paint brush at a crappy LA coffee shop.

Look for the drives to hit shelves later this spring at competitive prices, and for the low-sound, low-distress tech to make its way into other drives later this year.

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