An Intervention: It Would Rule If You Didn't Do This to Your Cell Provider, Okay?

Dear Verizon Wireless and former Cingular customers:

While we often share your frustrations and feel your pain, two wrongs do not ever make a right. Yes, you suffer from sub-par customer service with your cell phone provider. No, they don’t seem to care. Yes, there is more they could do about it. No, we don’t think they will.

All of that being said, no matter how upset you might become, we fully recommend against you pulling a stunt similar to the one a certain 47-year old South Korean man did recently, whom drove his Mercedes into the lobby of his provider, SK Telecom, to protest lousy roaming capabilities.

And this man did it with style, taping “SK INFERIOR!” to his windshield. We like the cut of his jib.

Again, we must say, don’t do this. Do not drive your car into the lobby of the jerks who raise your texting rates every few months. You’re an American, you can be much more creative with your revenge. We expect to find you on YouTube and America’s Most Wanted.

Best Wishes,


Driver rams phone company HQ in SKorea protest [France 24]