Mio C220 In-Car GPS Receiver: Everyman Cheap


Mio’s got a low cost, entry level GPS receiver with your name on it. It’s the C220 and has a 3.5-inch LCD and doles out turn-by-turn directions (in English, Spanish or French) thanks to its SiRFstarIII receiver. Supposedly this receiver is the best one out there, so, theoretically, you shouldn’t run into the same GPS problems that I did trying to get a signal in the canyons of Manhattan.

The C220 comes with all the updated maps you can handle, even for you folks living in the middle of nowhere in Alaska (and in the middle of paradise in Hawaii). And at only $250 (you should see the prices of other GPS receivers out there), even a poor bloke such as myself can afford it.

Product Page [Mio]

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