Sony E Series Walkman DAPs: Like USB Drives That Play Music


Sony’s got a new line of diminutive Walkman-branded DAPs coming out later this month in Japan. Looking like mere USB drives, these E-Series DAPs max out at 4GB, with models also coming in at 2GB and 1GB. They’re all available in a variety of hip, groovy colors like “black” and “pink” and “blue.” Capable of playing MP3, AAC, WMA and ATRAC (ha-ha!) files, the E-Series just plug into your PC’s open USB port, transferring music as quickly as the bus allows. The DAPs also have a three-line OLED display, which can display song information as well as album artwork. Whether or not you believe that “clear audio technology” does any good is another matter. I personally love when manufacturers use “muddy audio technology,” but I’m a purist like that.

Since they’re coming out in Japan, the Walkman E-Series DAPs carry the notorious open price. I hope—nay! pray—that we see these little guys here in the States soon.

Product Page [Sony via Akihabara]