The Top 7 Nintendo Mistakes

When 2007 rolled around, we seemed to hear about the “woes” of Sony and Microsoft quite a bit while Nintendo sat back and enjoyed the spotlight with the Wii. GamesRadar has a fantastic piece on the Top 7 mistakes Nintendo has made. Now Nintendo gets to take a few hits and the first on the list at #7 is the Wii itself. The case brought up against the system is a good one and the hatred doesn’t stop there. Virtual Boy, the lack of network play on Nintendo systems, and even Nintendo 64 take a hit. My favorite quote?

“Customer’s don’t want online games.” – Nintendo president Satoru Iwata, 2004
“More than six million people are Xbox Live members.” – Microsoft press release, 2007

Numbers speak louder than words Iwata, so listen up! Be sure to read it from start to finish, as it just keeps getting better and better as you read on.

How the videogame giant became the world’s favorite underdog [GamesRadar]