20GB PS3 Discontinued, Funeral Service Scheduled For Next Week


Sony has discontinued the production of 20GB PS3s because of lack consumer interest. The 60GB PS3 so far has sold at a 10:1 ratio compared to the 20GB model, so Sony said there’s no point in making something that nobody’s buying — but then why are the making the PS3 (HAR HAR!). If that is indeed the case, you really can’t fault Sony here, though the company’s arrogance can still be seen in he statement “consumers are willing to pay more for advanced technology in a gaming console.” Don’t you ever get tired of being referred to as a “consumer,” as if all you’re capable of doing is ingesting companies’ wares?

This also makes sense since many stores had already stopped selling the 20GB model, including Sony itself. Sony says they’ll still support the 20GB PS3, but there’s really not too many differences between the two systems as it is.

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