HaptiTouch 2.0 Will Make You Forget All About That Silly iPhone

I am willing to bet most of you didn’t know there was a HaptiTouch 1.0 or even HaptiTouch But this video will fill you in on all the details of this magical touchscreen interface made with more than a half-dozen patents, and you will be set free from your ignorance. True, this marketing movie seems a bit dated, but F-Origin, the company behind all the technologies, exists very much in the present day and has the following features ready for ODMs and OEMs to put in your next mobile device:

HaptiTouch Features:
* Force-sensitive touchscreen that can be programmed to provide different
responses based on touch force
* Touch surface may be any color and can support any design
* Shape and surface independent: the touch-sensitive area can be
irregular, uniquely shaped or larger than the display area
* Easily implemented as a sub-assembly or fully integrated solution
* Optional variable and programmable tactile feedback

So you see? It’s all going to make your life better.