Sorry, We're Fresh Out Of XP

Looks like PC manufacturers are getting screwed by Microsoft. According to Slashdot, by the end of this year, manufacturers won’t be able to grab a copy of Windows XP OEM. Dell will be selling XP on select models, but only until the end of the year because Microsoft won’t allow any further sales. This is a terrible move by Microsoft on so many levels. First off, consumers want choice. If I don’t want Vista on my PC, I shouldn’t have to have it installed. Also, XP will run all your applications, files no problem, without a hitch.

Half the apps designed for XP still don’t work in Vista and Vista overall has just been a huge pain in the ass for most users, myself included. I understand Microsoft really wants to push Vista, but don’t do it until your OS actually works.

The End is Nigh for XP [Slashdot]