CrunchTheft: Selling Links to CrunchGear on eBay is No Good


One weekly feature we have here on CrunchGear is our Help-Keys. Every Monday, we show you, the reader, how to do something you might not have known that you could do. It’s a free service, because we like you.

Not long ago, I wrote a Help-Key on how to fix an iPod that won’t boot. There are dozens and dozens of comments on the post from people who’ve tried my fix and found it works (and you’re all welcome).

Somebody, though, is trying to make a buck. And it’s not me for a change. Behold Thumb_Tack99’s auction, where for only $10, you can get the link that we’re giving you for free. So now we’ve fixed your iPod AND saved you from giving some shyster on eBay your money.

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen all week. Don’t give him your money.

Auction Page [eBay, via Annie’s tip]