Conduit Toolbar Product Enhancement

Conduit (Disclosure: They are a current TechCrunch sponsor), which has created a white label browser toolbar, released a new product tonight called myConduit. I’m writing about it because it’s a good solution to the problem of toolbar overload.

Instead of having each toolbar you’ve downloaded appear in the browser window, which takes up a lot of screen realestate, Conduit now lets users switch toolbars via a drop down menu. This only works for Conduit-powered toolbars, but it would be a nice browser feature in general in my opinion.

Given the advertising relationship I won’t go into more detail. But this is something that publishers might want to look into. Our Toolbar, linked in the navigation bar above, has been really useful particularly around getting event updates to attendees. The company now has 130,000 unique toolbars and 12 million toolbars installed (Major League Baseball has one for every team).