FCC Leaks Sony Ericsson K818

Behold Sony Ericsson’s newest Cyber-Shot mobile phone, the K818. It is yet another phone we won’t see here in the US. The Chinese will be able to fondle this here SE Cyber-Shot to their heart’s content. Seriously, why do we keep getting screwed? I just got back from a short trip to Korea and we really get the shaft. I’ll have more stories a bit later.

The K818 is first and foremost a Cyber-shot so all the goodies are related around the camera. It features zoom, panorama, auto-focus, brightness control, the ability to fix under-exposed shots and a special BestPic shooting mode that captures nine pictures for you to choose from because we all camera’s on mobile phones don’t always come out that great. The K818 also includes an FM radio, MP3 player and video playback. Have your K818, China. See if I care!

FCC [via Mobile Whack]