Microsoft Silverlight: Like Flash Only Microsoftier

Think on this, people: Macromedia introduced true video embedding in Flash a little more than a year ago and it spawned a billion-dollar company and made another billion-dollar company quake in its boots. So now we have Silverlight, a streaming solution from MS that runs on Windows and Mac and can deliver HD-quality video with a few clicks.

After dealing with YouTube’s quality issues for far too long, Silverlight seems like a great solution. It supports WMVs and lets you add a branded player with a bit of XML and HTML coding.

It supports playback of WMV files on both PC and Macintosh, with many options for interactivity during playback; with just a couple of lines of code, you can provide a platform-neutral way to handle all your movie files. Silverlight supports full-screen 720p video and offers seamless transitions between full-screen and windowed mode without losing your position in the video (something that media sites are crying out for today).

Sounds good to me. We’ll give it a whirl and let you know how it works.

Introducing Microsoft Silverlight
SilverLight Clip